Canva hack to save your deleted files

If you have spent any time in Canva, this may have happened to you.⁠
You’ve deleted slides/pages and then hit home without thinking.⁠

Que that “oh Sh!t” feeling. The dread in the depths of your soul.⁠
WHAT HAVE I DONE?! You’ve lost your work!!⁠

Have no fear; you can get them back.⁠
Follow the process below to save your work [+ I ALWAYS make a Copy].⁠

1. Open your template⁠
2. Head to the File menu [or … if you are using your phone]⁠
3. Scroll down and select “Version history”⁠
4. Here, you will find all of the autosave and backups that Canva has done. ⁠

Select the version you want, and it is all right back there for you!⁠

Did you know this little trick? Will it help you recover some “lost” work?⁠