How do I decide what I should outsource to a Virtual Assistant

Before you dive into working with a Virtual Assistant, I recommend the following steps. 

When we start the discovery call, I want to learn about your pain points and where I fit into your requirements. 

This exercise will ensure that we are organised from the very get-go!

I want you to be prepared for our Discovery call; imagine what else we can achieve together.

Head to my contact page to book a discovery call via my scheduler.

Consider these categories 

1. Tasks you don’t know how to do

– These could be items such as building your email list, creating 

 templates, and implementing workflows.

2. Tasks you hate to do

– You will know what these are. Whether it’s setting meetings,  

the inability to keep on top of your inbox or sending out that 

essential but time-consuming newsletter.

3. Tasks you don’t have time to do

– Backend admin is consuming the work hours you could commit to growing your business. Templates, emails, social media, content writing, proofreading, research, and process implementation. The list goes on!

4. Tasks only you can do

– This one is just as important because it will showcase items you may need to offload and highlight where you are falling short because you are so busy handling the tasks above.