How to navigate Canva

Canva Tips you must know!

Raise your hand if you have never used Canva…

I doubt there are many of you out there. But even for those who use it day in and day out, you can miss the simple shortcuts they have added in to make our life easier! ⁠

✨Today, I bring to you Quick Elements. ⁠

If you get lost in the navigation panel trying to find an item, search no more. ⁠

Here’s what you need to do.⁠

✨Head to your template⁠
✨Keyboard command CTRL + E⁠
✨Scroll the search bar or type in the search bar for whatever you need.⁠

For example, you can search the word “beach” and choose from graphics, photos and videos as you would in the left panel but quicker!⁠

You can also quickly insert other elements such as a line, square or logo.⁠

Of course, if you are a little more familiar with Canva, you may even know how to insert these beauties quickly!⁠

I hope you found this helpful!⁠

What is your favourite Canva tip? Let me know below.⁠