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How to Hide and Block Shein Tags & Comments on Instagram

How to Hide and Block Shein and Bots Tags and Comments on Instagram

How to Hide and Block Shein and Bots Tags and Comments on Instagram

Sick of seeing Shein comments popping up in your Instagram notifications?

Whether it is Shein now or the next annoying spammy bot that comes along, these little tricks are going to help you take back control of your Instagram.

These tricks are tried and tested by me on my own socials but also on my clients and guess what….THEY WORK! So let’s not mess around – let me walk you through the good stuff.

There are a few ways to block these spam bots and pages, but I find Phases One & Two to be the most helpful. If you still are not having any luck [because let’s be honest – bots and AI are getting smarter], then you can move on to Phase Three & Four!

Good luck and let me know how you go.

Let’s get into it – learn how to hide and block spam bots on Instagram below!

Some of my favourite words or phrases to block are

– You’ve Won

– You’ve been selected

– Won

– Win

– Shein

– Click the link

– Tap on our profile


Once you’ve added banned words, any tags or comments containing those words will be hidden from your posts. Keep in mind that this feature is not foolproof and may not catch every instance of the banned words. It’s always a good idea to review the tags and comments on your posts regularly to ensure they meet your standards.


This process has been found to be the most successful way to block spam bots from sneaking through. However, keep in mind that they may still find ways to bypass this method.


You can always approve every tag that comes through, but this is *still* going to drive you nuts. Hopefully you don’t reach this point, but if you do – this is how you deal with it!


I hate that you are still reading this far, but if you *really* need to lock down your profile, follow these steps!

By utilising these four phases, you can control the content on your Instagram profile and stop those pesky Shein or Bot comments from ruining your feed.

Remember to review your tags and comments regularly to ensure they meet your standards.

Happy Instagramming!

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