• How Do I Decide What I Should Outsource to a Virtual Assistant?

    How do I decide what I should outsource to a Virtual Assistant

    Before you dive into working with a Virtual Assistant, I recommend the following steps. 

    When we start the discovery call, I want to learn about your pain points and where I fit into your requirements. 

    This exercise will ensure that we are organised from the very get-go!

    I want you to be prepared for our Discovery call; imagine what else we can achieve together.

    Head to my contact page to book a discovery call via my scheduler.

    Consider these categories 

    1. Tasks you don’t know how to do

    – These could be items such as building your email list, creating 

     templates, and implementing workflows.

    2. Tasks you hate to do

    – You will know what these are. Whether it’s setting meetings,  

    the inability to keep on top of your inbox or sending out that 

    essential but time-consuming newsletter.

    3. Tasks you don’t have time to do

    – Backend admin is consuming the work hours you could commit to growing your business. Templates, emails, social media, content writing, proofreading, research, and process implementation. The list goes on!

    4. Tasks only you can do

    – This one is just as important because it will showcase items you may need to offload and highlight where you are falling short because you are so busy handling the tasks above.

  • How to Navigate Canva Quick Elements

    How to navigate Canva

    Canva Tips you must know!

    Raise your hand if you have never used Canva…

    I doubt there are many of you out there. But even for those who use it day in and day out, you can miss the simple shortcuts they have added in to make our life easier! ⁠

    ✨Today, I bring to you Quick Elements. ⁠

    If you get lost in the navigation panel trying to find an item, search no more. ⁠

    Here’s what you need to do.⁠

    ✨Head to your template⁠
    ✨Keyboard command CTRL + E⁠
    ✨Scroll the search bar or type in the search bar for whatever you need.⁠

    For example, you can search the word “beach” and choose from graphics, photos and videos as you would in the left panel but quicker!⁠

    You can also quickly insert other elements such as a line, square or logo.⁠

    Of course, if you are a little more familiar with Canva, you may even know how to insert these beauties quickly!⁠

    I hope you found this helpful!⁠

    What is your favourite Canva tip? Let me know below.⁠

  • How to Successfully Delegate

    Delegation is the act of assigning tasks to other members of your team. It improves efficiency and decreases the burden on your shoulders. It’s also a great way to develop others and free yourself up for more strategic work.

    The act of delegating is easier said than done. Effective managers need to know how to delegate and what they can do to ensure success.

    Organisations thrive when leaders successfully delegate. When delegation occurs, tasks and authority are shared across individuals and/or teams.

    Delegation can also occur across multiple organisations or Virtual Assistants. Virtual Assistants or OBMs can come together through their own entity to support an organisation seeking to outsource.

    Research shows that the successful use of delegation is linked to:

    • Stress reduction
    • Organisational effectiveness
    • Motivation
    • Job satisfaction
    • Organisational growth

    As an organisation reaches a growth period where delegation and outsourcing become the option to sustain growth, trust can prove an overwhelming factor.

    It is safe to say that releasing your workload and requirements to an external organisation (Virtual Assistant) can create overwhelm. However, you can rest assured when working with a Virtual Assistant that your business is at the top of their priority list.

    Two Key Points to Review with Your Virtual Assistant before Commencing Work:

    1. What is your availability? While a Virtual Assistant is not your employee, it is important to confirm whether they will be available within the hours your organisation requires. Virtual Assistants often work within business hours only, which needs to be suitable for your organisation. They will also be managing your organisation simultaneously as other clients, and if you need them to work between 9-11 every day, this may not be suitable.
    2. Do they have a Client Service/Confidentiality agreement? If you have not received an agreement before handing over your essential business information, you should think again. Both you and the Virtual Assistant must have all of your bases covered. While a Virtual Assistant isn’t an employee, you have contracted them to complete specific tasks and hours. Delegation works the same as if they were an employee.

    The DO’s and DON’Ts of Delegation:


    • Clearly communicate which tasks and why. Try to make the best match between assigned individuals and ensure you clarify goals.
    • See yourself as a coach or a trainer. Provide all the information and instructions the person needs for the assignment. Establish the completion criteria so that it’s clear when the task is complete and successful.
    • Empower and support them along the way. Be open and encourage your Virtual Assistant that you are available and welcome questions and clarifications. This is expected when you first delegate new tasks. Provide constructive feedback, guidance, and course correction in a respectful manner.
    • Hold people accountable. Delegating means that you have transferred authority for the task to someone else. But, as a leader, you still have to hold them accountable. If you are not happy with the work, be open and respectful but provide advice and review whether you could have provided additional details in the beginning.


    • Micromanage. Give your team members the time and space to do the work and avoid checking in too frequently if it is a large project; set respectful meeting updates in your timeline.
    • Take work back after you’ve delegated it. Even if things are not going well, stick with the person and dial-up your level of support.
    • Fixate on the negative. Keep the vibe upbeat and make sure that you don’t squash enthusiasm. Allow for hiccups and small failures. Remember that your Virtual Assistant can end your working relationship as well. You both want to enjoy working with each other.
    • Be closed to new ideas or new ways of doing the work. Delegating means transferring ownership of the work to another person. Their end product will be different from what you would have done. Embrace the diversity of thought and allow for their creative expression to shine.

    Last but not least, with successful delegation, you will find that you have more time on your calendar and increased opportunities for strategic work. You will also have greater visibility and lower stress. When you learn the art of delegating successfully, you will find there are many more tasks you can take off your plate.